Join us this month for a special one-off webinar where we will be talking about communicating research findings to different audiences and the best ways to spread our messages, minimise hype, and maintain scientific integrity.

We are pleased to be joined by Dr Leanne Grech, Research Engagement Manager at the British Heart Foundation. In this talk, she will discuss how her team brings the BHF’s research to life for staff and volunteers through the Talk Research initiative, and for the public and supporters through engagement events.

We will also be joined by Shane Canning, Interim Head of Research Communications, from the Press Office at the University of Edinburgh. Shane has previously worked in media and communications roles at the National Institute for Health Research, F1000, the Medical Research Council and BioMed Central. Prior to working in communications, Shane worked for many years in editorial roles in STEM publishing for BioMed Central and Future Science Group.

Leanne and Shane will be showcasing examples of how researchers can share their work and talking about why sharing the findings of your research are important and can affect policy. We will also be covering how researchers can work collaboratively with communication and PR teams to reach diverse audiences.

This webinar will be chaired by the BHF Data Science Centre’s Communication & Events Manager, Dr Kate McAllister.

These webinars are aimed at the research community, but all are welcome.