The inaugural UK Health Data Research Alliance Symposium took place in London on 4th February 2020. The event brought together more than 150 people working across the UK Health Data Research AllianceHealth Data Research HubsInnovation GatewaySandbox and others working closely with HDR UK on infrastructure.

It was great opportunity for us to showcase the achievements so far and provide an update on ongoing work across the Digital Innovation Hub Programme. Attendees had a chance to learn more about elements of the HDR UK strategy, share feedback on challenges and opportunities, and propose new ways to work together.  The event was rounded off with a key note presentation from Jeni Tennison @JeniT, the Chief Executive of the Open Data Institute, sharing a cross-sector perspective on trustworthy access to data. A full agenda of the meeting including the topics discussed can be accessed here

For those who were unable to attend we livestreamed the plenary sessions and collated key outputs from discussions during the breakouts and World Café sessions.

Watch the recorded live stream here