By combining expertise and a shared commitment to work collaboratively the Alliance will help researchers to answer some of the most difficult questions and address the most important health challenges faced in the UK.  It will also promote the use and evaluation of new tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Alliance will encourage widespread access and use of health data to advance human health by:

  1. Being patient and public centred: building trust by supporting and promoting the responsible sharing of health data, respecting data sharing and privacy preferences of participants, and using best practices in public outreach, security, ethics, and regulation.
  2. Working together as one to provide researchers and innovators with services and value that no organisation can deliver on its own.
  3. Offering a world-leading range of health data science tools, processes and solutions to security, ethics and privacy.
  4. Being committed to innovation to improve customer service and responding to the needs of health data users who are doing the science and innovations: making data faster and less expensive to find and access by harmonising, simplifying and making transparent policies, standards and codes of conduct for the storage, analysis and responsible access of data.
  5. Establishing technology and ways of working to increase innovation and scientific discovery from data: building trust and effective ways of working among stakeholders, making datasets available to use on a versatile, secure information platform, making tools and models available, adopting best practices in governance, and commercial models to develop an ecosystem that accelerates progress.

Our approach to achieving the Alliance goals will be to:

  • Harness collaboration between partner organisations
  • Support partner organisations to develop the highest standards of data sharing for research and innovation
  • Develop a common UK framework of technical, operational and ethical standards needed to ensure the interoperability of health data research platforms in a secure and responsible manner
  • Share ideas and knowledge gathered from the health data research community and beyond
  • Facilitate partnership with international endeavours
  • Work according to the values of Transparency, Optimism, and Respect

The UK Health Data Research Alliance is guided by an over-arching Alliance Board. The Board then commissions ‘Task & Finish Groups’ directed and concentrated on key opportunities.  These Task & Finish Groups work at pace and are focused on addressing specific user needs.

The Alliance builds upon the work of the NHS Digital Research Advisory Group, Co-Chaired by the MRC and NIHR.  It complements the Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research (OSCHR) Health Informatics Sub-Group which is kept informed of the Alliance work plan and outputs.

The Alliance workplan for 2019 will be published at the time of the launch of the Digital Innovation Hub Programme Prospectus in May 2019.