The Digital Innovation Hub Programme aims to enable a UK-wide life sciences ecosystem that provides access to health data, technology and science, research and innovation services to ask and answer important health and care questions.

This four-year Programme is funded by the UK Research and Innovation’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF). It is an element of the ISCF’s Data to Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine challenge, placing early diagnosis and best treatments for particular patients at the heart of a national approach to better health.  It builds on many recent healthcare technological advances, including in digital health and genomics, and on broader developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Programme is being developed to integrate and reinforce Health Data Research UK’s investment in health data science and talent development, to stimulate the use of health data to make lives longer and healthier.  It encompasses three essential functions:

  1. UK Health Data Research Alliance – an Alliance of data suppliers committed to making an unprecedented breadth and depth of data available for research and innovation purposes.  Find out more 
  2. Digital Innovation Hubs – providing research and innovation services –centres of expertise to get from data to insight and the location to collaborate and co-create. Find out more
  3. Infrastructure – providing discovery, accessibility, security and interoperability to surface data, support linkage, and enable health data science safely and efficiently.  Find out more

Emerging Digital Innovation Hub Model – for discussion

These three functions form the emerging model of the Digital Innovation Hub Programme and are explained in detail in our discussion paper, published in March 2019.  This paper aims to stimulate discussion and feedback in advance of the publication of the final Digital Innovation Hub prospectus in May 2019.

We welcome organisations who would like to be involved in helping to shape this exciting and emerging model to contact us at

Digital Innovation Hub Model
Digital Innovation Hub Model




















There are three broad phases of the Digital Innovation Hub Programme:

Phase 1: Design and dialogue

1 September 2018 – 30 April 2019

We are working in partnership with a wide range of organisations across healthcare, academia, industry, charities and patients and the public to develop the design of the different components of the programme.  The conclusion of this collaborative endeavor will be published in a prospectus in May 2019.  Find out about our Digital Innovation Hub Programme events here. 

Phase 2: Sprint exemplar innovation projects

1 September 2018 – 31 December 2019

Ten projects have been funded as Sprint Exemplars.  These have been selected to provide “confidence in concept” of potential technology solutions, and proof of readiness for industry innovation use cases.  The exemplars are being delivered by academic, NHS and industry consortia with funding in the order of £300,000 each.  You can find out more about the successful projects, how they were selected, and the timescales for completion here.

Phase 3: Delivery and implementation

1 May 2019 – 30 June 2022

A staged delivery plan will be launched in May 2019.  Further details of the approach to implementation, including calls and invitations to tender will be published as they are agreed.  Make sure you have registered your interest to stay updated.