Watch ‘4 minutes with Kamlesh Khunti’

We spoke to Kamlesh Khunti, Professor of Primary Care Diabetes & Vascular Medicine –about his work investigating ethnicity and COVID-19 and the determinants of excess risk. Kamlesh tells us about the data needs to link inequalities, and how minority ethnic groups have been found to be at greater risk of COVID-19.

Watch ‘4 minutes with Prof. Sir Munir Pirmohamed’

Munir Pirmohamed, Director of HDRUK North, spoke to us about vaccines research, how the vaccines are working, and are they as effective as they can be in the fight against COVID-19.

Watch ‘4 minutes with Sharon Peacock’, Director of COG-UK

Sharon Peacock, Director of COG-UK talked to us about what we’ve learnt from genome sequencing of the COVID-19 virus and how the data from this work is vital for understanding transmission, how to treat the disease the effectiveness of vaccines.

Watch ‘3 minutes with Ian Diamond’ National Statistician

We talked to Ian Diamond, National Statistician,about our new partnership on enabling access to health data for COVID-19 research.