HDR UK has formed partnerships with leading healthcare, academic and private sector organisations to collaborate on providing high-quality training and education.

Among them are Cambridge Spark, Health Education England, the NHS Digital Academy, AphA and a range of leading universities.

The idea is to work across sectors and in all four nations of the UK to provide opportunities to suit everyone who wants to advance their knowledge and skills in health data science – whether they are new to the subject or an expert professional.

Most recently we have developed relationships with EHDEN, The GetReal Academy and Deep Longevity.

EHDEN, The GetReal Academy and Deep Longevity

  • The EHDEN Academy offers a diverse and ever-growing range of free online courses on the latest tools, skills and methodologies for working with real-world data to generate real-world evidence

    Its mission is to provide quality education for the open science community at scale – helping ensure 21st-century tools are being used for 21st-century research that will ultimately improve patient treatment across Europe.

    The academy builds originated in the European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN) IMI2 project and its collaboration with the Observational Health Data Science and Informatics (OHDSI).

    It aims to be a resource for all those who generate and use data, work with it technically (eg ETL and mapping), and are involved in methodological development and the use of standardised analytical tools, in particular within the OHDSI framework.

    Why EHDEN?

    EHDEN offers you the chance to:

    • Benefit from free on-demand online training developed by the OHDSI and EHDEN community
    • Learn directly with recognised international experts who are contributing to improved patient care and outcomes
    • Discover the latest methods and tools for observational research via the OHDSI framework in your organisation
    • Share and develop your ideas with an interdisciplinary group of learners
    • Prepare to participate in worldwide research and study-a-thons
    • Learn from internationally acknowledged instructors and educators.

    An impressive 93% of participants rated their EHDEN experience as good to excellent.

    Join up here to start learning.

  • The GetReal Academy is a fresh initiative from Europe’s GetReal Institute and has been set up to offer customisable courses exploring current techniques, opportunities and challenges for the use of real-world evidence in medicine development.

    The academy builds on the success of two IMI (Innovative Medicines initiative) projects – GetReal and the GetReal Initiative.

    Right now you can take Real-World Evidence in Medicine Development, which is an interactive online course giving an understanding of current techniques, opportunities and challenges for the use of real-world evidence in medicine development.

    Coming soon is Structured Benefit–Risk Assessment of Medicinal Products. This self-paced course will provide an understanding of current techniques, opportunities and challenges of structured benefit risk assessment including different preference elicitation techniques.

    The academy brings together a wide variety of stakeholders to drive the sustainable development and adoption of tools, methods and best practices in the generation and use of RWE for better health care decision-making.

    The academy can also create bespoke courses and packages to upskill specific teams or organisations.

    For more information or to sign up for a course visit the website.

  • Longevity medicine is a fast-evolving field – a branch of precision medicine focused on promoting healthspan and lifespan, and which is powered by AI technology.

    It aims to use novel, quantifiable and quantifying biomarkers of aging (such as deep aging clocks) to maintain the patient’s biological and psychological age as close to its optimal state for as much of their life as possible.

    Advances in artificial intelligence, biomarker research, and drug development have produced numerous tools for early diagnostics and prevention, which remain unknown to the global medical community.

    We have now teamed up with Deep Longevity to offer a free online learning via the HDR UK Futures training and education platform.

    The Longevity Medicine Course (LMC) offers a curriculum that covers the most recent advances in biogerontology, geroscience, and precision medicine while teaching them ways to implement this knowledge in clinical practice.

    It has been developed by interdisciplinary experts (physicians, academic biogerontologists, AI experts, computer scientists, KOL in longevity), providing a foundation in the most recent scientific evidence.

    The course is CME accredited and has been put together by an interdisciplinary team led by Alex Zhavoronkov PhD, from Deep Longevity, Evelyne Bischof MD, of the University of Zurich International Center for Multimorbidity and Complexity in Medicine (ICMC) and Human Longevity Inc San Diego/Beijing, Alexey Moskalev PhD, of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Morten Scheibye-Knudsen MD, PhD, of the University of Copenhagen.

    The Longevity Medicine Course group published two consecutive scientific papers to define this new field in Nature Aging, “Artificial Intelligence in Longevity Medicine” and in Lancet Healthy Longevity, “Longevity medicine: upskilling the physicians of tomorrow”.

    The course is now available on educational platforms across China, Switzerland, France, Israel, Brazil and Russia. The course is continuously updated in line with the latest developments.