Is the focus of the Health Data Science Black Internship Programme on prospective health data scientists from a Black background rather than a wider BAME background?

Yes, this internship scheme is for the Black community (i.e. those of African and Caribbean heritage, including those of mixed race) – candidates will self-define.

Why is this scheme only for Black people?

This community has been identified through our diversity monitoring as one of the most under-represented group in health data science, as compared to the wider UK population. We recognise that this group experiences high levels of discrimination and maltreatment, as referred to in our statement on anti-Black discrimination; therefore, we have designed a programme tailored to this group specifically. This is in the context of our wider Diversity and Inclusion Policy, which takes a fully inclusive approach and sets out a balance of activities – including those focussed on other sub-groups of the community – and some that are applicable to all. In developing the Black internship programme, we put together a diverse Health Data Science Black Internship Programme Advisory Group and have discussed this scheme with our Diversity and Inclusion Committee. We have considered, in depth, the pros and cons of such a targeted approach and concluded that to effectively address the under-representation of this group, a highly targeted scheme such as this is required.

How long are the internships?


When will the internships take place?

in the summer of 2022.

How much will interns be paid?

Regardless of where the intern or host organisation is based, interns will be paid London Living Wage as a minimum.

Will interns be provided with a laptop?

Should interns require a laptop, our host organisations will provide a laptop for the duration of the internship.

Can interns choose which organisation hosts them?

Interns may state a preference and we will do our best to honour this, however, this cannot be guaranteed.

How will we ensure a diverse range of applicants and interns?

We will do a ‘first pass’ of the applicants to ensure that each host organisation receives a similar ‘batch’ of applications from which to choose. We are reaching to a range of communities, however, at this stage, the primary focus of this specific programme is around developing a cohort of Black health data scientists rather than addressing other diversity aspects  – universities, disabilities, gender, etc.

What kind of experience can interns expect?

Through the internships, we anticipate interns will be immersed in a health data science working environment. Internships will provide interns with the opportunity to learn more about health data science in action, gain hands-on health data analysis experience, extend their network and carry out their own clearly defined research projects.

Will host organisations need to set up access to individual patient data for interns?

No, not only would this be challenging for a relatively short-term placement, but also there is a lot of other data science work that can take place without needing to access individual patient data itself.

Would you expect host organisations to liaise with the selected intern(s) between the offer stage and the internship commencement stage?

We encourage host organisations to liaise with selected interns during this period so they can hit the ground running and make the most of their 8-week internship. For example it may be that the loan of a laptop is necessary, which may take a few days arrange.

Will we provide funding to pay for the cost of the internships?

No, host organisations will meet the costs of the internship.

Would it be acceptable for some or all of the costs to be provided from existing an existing Health Data Research Hub or Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) Site funding?

For enquiries on potential Health Data Research Hub funding, please liaise with our Digital Innovation Hub Programme Manager, Kay Snowley:

Site funds can be used to pay for internships. For any enquiries on this, please contact us at:

For institutions that have Wellcome Summer Internship funding, may we earmark a number of these for the Black Internship Programme?

We have not discussed this with Wellcome. For any enquiries on this, please contact us at:

Should the internship be held online or in person?

Each internship will be tailored to suit the environmental needs of both the intern and the host organisation – whether this is in-person, online or hybrid.

Who can apply to Black Internship Programme?

Candidates are encouraged to apply if they are a Black person currently studying at a university in the UK, on a gap year or recently graduated from a UK university (2020 and 2021). The programme is open to Black people of all academic backgrounds, but is ideally suited to individuals with a degree in maths, biological sciences, and engineering or computer sciences.

How do potential interns apply for the Black Internship Programme?

To apply for our 2022 Black Internship Programme, we ask that candidates contact us with their words of interest at: Following this, we will provide candidates with our 2022 Black Internship Programme application form, which they will need to complete to be eligible for the interview shortlist.

What is the timeline of the programme?

  • Expressions of interest from potential hosts organisations are welcome now – 7 January 2022.
  • Intern applications are open from 24 November 2021 – 21 January 2022.
  • Intern interviews take place between 21 February 2022 to 1 April 2022.
  • The eight-week internships will commence on 4 July 2022.

If you have any further questions or would like to express your interest in this programme, then contact us below.

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