What this unique PhD programme offers you

Four-year programme: An initial foundation year allows students to gain real experience and insight into health data research.

Research that makes a difference: The three-year doctoral research projects undertaken by our students are designed to make a genuine contribution to advancing health and care.

Hosted by leading universities: Our host universities are among the very best in health data research.

Nurturing each student: Our programme aims to identify the particular abilities and interests of each student, and gear their PhD experience to effectively develop them.

Leadership Programme: Students benefit from an expert-led programme to develop the skills they need to understand, collaborate and influence others.

Generous funding: Students have their tuition fees, research expenses and travel costs paid and receive an enhanced, tax-free stipend.

Building networks and experience: We actively support students in building networks and contacts in academia, the NHS and industry as well as taking internships and other opportunities to gain real-world experience.

Team spirit: Strong relationships are built between our entire cohort of students through joint activities that build a genuine team spirit.

Personal support: Each student has their own Director of Studies who is an additional point of contact during their time with us. All students are also further supported by the PhD team.

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Championing scientific excellence

Our PhD programme has been set up to champion scientific excellence and to address the needs of the health data science sector by ensuring it has highly talented early stage scientists whose skills span three fundamental areas: statistical, computational and health sciences.

It’s led by Chris Yau and our PhD team, funded by Wellcome and delivered by HDR UK and The Alan Turing Institute. See the guidance document and FAQs.

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The HDR UK PhD Programme has enabled me gain first-hand experience in modern health data science approaches through immersion weeks and training in academic and industry settings. I got a chance for the first time to interact with seasoned researchers and mentors in health data science. The HDR UK community and cohort of PhD students has also formed a support system as I carry out my research. It’s a truly unrivalled opportunity.” Steven Wambua


Is this the PhD future for you?

Watch the video from our recent special online information session to find out more about the programme and whether it’s for you.