Our training leads are not only experts in their fields, but also from all parts of the country and have a wide range of professional and academic experience. This is something HDR UK believes is essential.

We want to see everyone with the desire, talent and ambition to work in this cutting edge field of science to have the chance to do so, no matter who they are or where they are from.

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Georgina Moulton

Group Chair: Professor Georgina Moulton, HDR UK Director of Training, Learning and Development and University of Manchester.

Prof. Moulton is central to HDR UK’s education and training programme. She is a professor of Bio-Health Informatics and Education at the University of Manchester. Prof. Moulton is a recognised leader in education strategy and created health data science skills curricula for the NHS and industry. She co-directs capacity building programmes including the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme in Health Informatics.

Paul Taylor

Training lead for Wellcome PhD programme and the NIHR Fellows Incubator: Professor Paul Taylor, University College London.

Many health informatics students will be familiar with Prof. Taylor’s textbook From Patient Data to Medical Knowledge. He is a professor and deputy director at UCL’s Institute of Health Informatics. His research has focussed on computer systems in clinical decisions. 

Sinead Brophy

Training lead for Public Health and for NI and Wales: Professor Sinead Brophy, Swansea University, Wales. 

Sinead Brophy is a professor in Health Data Research and Deputy Director of the National Centre for Population Health and Wellbeing Research. She has worked in public health for 24 years, working with schools and councils to improve wellbeing and health for children and young people.

Colin McCowan

Training lead for the NIHR Fellows Incubator and for Scotland: Professor Colin McCowan, St Andrews University, Scotland.

Colin McCowan is a professor in health data science at the University of St Andrews. He has been involved in developing services to provision routinely collected clinical data for research at the Robertson Centre for Biostatistics and at the Health Informatics Centre in Dundee.

Claude Chelala

Professor Claude Chelala, Queen Mary University London.

Claude Chelala is a professor of bioinformatics at Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London and Co-Director of the Centre for Computational Biology, Life Science Initiative at QMUL. Her work involves designing and setting up platforms and tools for the organisation, integration and mining of complex –omics data sets.

Sarah Laseke

Training lead for Clinical Trials and Continued Professional Development: Dr Sarah Laseke, University of Oxford.

Dr Laseke is the Training and Development Coordinator for the Big Data Institute at the University of Oxford. The main focus of her work is to identify and develop opportunities for new training and courses on big data and health data science to address skills shortage in the field.

Peter Bath

Training lead for Better Care: Professor Peter Bath, University of Sheffield.

Peter Bath is Professor of Health Informatics in the Information School at Sheffield and of Applied Health Data Analytics in the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR). His work uses statistical techniques and data mining to identify factors associated with older people’s health outcomes.

Angela Wood

Training lead for the PhD Programme: Dr Angela Wood, University of Cambridge.

Dr Wood’s research interests are centered on statistical methods for advancing epidemiological research. She is the academic director of the MPhil in Epidemiology at Cambridge. She lectures on subjects including descriptive statistics, strategies for analysis, and risk prediction.

Phil Quinlan

Training lead for Digital Research Technologist Careers: Dr Phil Quinlan, Nottingham University.

Dr Quinlan is Head of Digital Research Service at University of Nottingham. He has a longstanding interest in enabling people to realise the potential of their data, whether they are cancer researchers, corporate bodies or university back office departments.


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