Capacity building

—–Capacity building (developing skills and capability) is a high priority for HDR UK. We are establishling a new paradigm for interdisciplinary research training; attracting and supporting the brightest research and technical specialists to deliver a new cadre of health data scientists.


HEALTH DATA RESEARCH UK CALL: New master’s degree programmes and studentships in health data science

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It will:

  • develop flexible training opportunities, working with our partners to address unmet skills needs;
  • work closely with funders and partners to establish clear career structures, specific for this interdisciplinary discipline;
  • develop appropriate reward and recognition frameworks relevant to the specialist skills, collaborative approaches and outputs of our interdisciplinary trainees;
  • enable career progression through intellectual leadership and independence.

Our research partners will adopt, develop and assist in the delivery of this capacity building strategy.

Future Talent Programme

—–Phase 2 investment

In addition to the training embedded within the Substantive Sites, HDR UK will develop and deliver a UK Future Talent Programme, a bespoke career development and training programme for researchers and technologists. This programme will apply the innovative approaches required for data driven health and biomedical research. It will establish a new career model to nurture future talent across the breadth of health and biomedical data science. Under the HDR UK Future Talent Programme a cadre of HDR UK-funded PhD studentships will also be allocated to HDR UK sites.

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