“I firmly believe that HDR UK’s commitment to diversity starts with our own community – it starts with you. As the Chair of our Board, I want work to be a safe place for every individual. What’s more, I believe that embedding equity, diversity and inclusion in our practices and our culture enables HDR UK to be a truly great place to work. It also fundamentally supports our mission to accelerate trustworthy data use that enables discoveries to improve people’s lives. Because it is only by creating an environment where we can collaborate effectively that we can achieve positive change.

Indeed, the values lived by our teams – of transparency, optimism, respect, courage and humility – are the platform from which we can take action and galvanize behaviours that help each of us to celebrate diversity and be truly inclusive. If our teams are supported to bring their whole selves to work each day, we can inspire the same feeling in our partners, and our wider community.

I have observed that as a distributed organisation, HDR UK has the flexibility to grow and support talent from individuals representing all backgrounds, skills and experiences. In my view, this is a tremendous asset, which strengthens our capacity to make change, and which sets an example of openness and acceptance.

We know that no individual, organisation or sector has all the answers – but if we are open to talking about (not around) these matters, with a sense of purpose rather than complacency, then I feel we are starting with a strong foundation.”

HDR UK’s commitment to diversity starts with our own community – it starts with you...”