As the UK’s national institute for health data science, we believe we can deliver our mission of improving the UK’s health outcomes better by upholding the three closely linked values of equity, diversity and inclusion in all we do. 

By equity, we mean taking into consideration someone’s unique circumstances to ensure all are treated equally. 

By diversity, we mean the representation of different groups in health data research to ensure studies are carried out by everyone for everyone. This includes diversity of gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, physical ability and neurodiversity. 

By inclusion, we mean valuing all input to allow everyone to be heard and to utilise the talent of our diverse contributors.  

By working in this way, we embody our values of transparency, optimism, respect, courage and humility and create an environment that is inspiring and collaborative. 

As an institute we are committed to being fair, facilitating diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our work.  

This commitment extends to: 

  • The people that make up our workforce 
  • Our partners 
  • Those who benefit from the work we support 
  • The perspectives we seek to guide our work 
  • The training we offer the next generation of data scientists 
  • The data we unite across the UK’s varied populations. 

We’re excited by the opportunities that equity, diversity and inclusion offer us to better understand the health of the UK’s population and improve outcomes.