• Professor John Danesh, Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine, University of Cambridge and Associate Faculty Member, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Associate Directors

  • Dr Afzal Chaudhry, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Matthew Hurles, Head of Human Genetics, Wellcome Sanger Institute
  • Dr Helen Parkinson, Head of Biomolecular Archival Resources, EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute


Research initiatives

  • Elucidating multi-disease aetiology through integrating population systems genomics with longitudinal EHRs
    Principal Investigator: Professor John Danesh
  • Empowering precision medicine of rare and extreme diseases through integration of genome sequencing and longitudinal EHRs
    Principal Investigator: Dr Matthew Hurles
  • Delineating the determinants and clinical consequences of microbial carriage in patients and populations through connecting microbiome data with longitudinal EHRs
    Principal Investigator: Dr Jeff Barrett
  • Enabling translation of genomic data into clinical care through methods and technology development
    Principal Investigator Dr Helen Parkinson